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Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. has recently picked up a minority stake in a company called Ellidore Events Ltd / Ellidore Lifestyle. The latter is the company involved in conducting P.R. and hosting events in the U.K. and Europe. It has recently launched a membership site through Ellidore Lifestyle, which caters to the bespoke lifestyle needs of Clients.


Ellidore Events Ltd - www.ellidore-events.com


Ellidore Lifestyle - www.ellidore-lifestyle.com



The promoters of Willis India Insurance Brokers, namely, Willis Group and its associates and affiliates and Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy (BACSPL) have mutually agreed to part ways. As part of the settlement Willis Group has agreed to pay BACSPL an amount of USD 11Million and to give BACSPL the ownership over the existing firm in India, namely, Willis India Insurance Brokers including its capital and free reserves.