Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. (BACSPL) .: ABOUT US :.

Bhaichand Amoluk is a 100 year old firm.

The firm used to be involved in the field of insurance and consultancy services from its inception. In 1911, Bhaichand Amoluk were appointed as principal agents for Commercial Union for the western zone of India up to 1954 when the insurance sector was nationalized and the private insurance companies were merged into the 4 existing public sector insurance companies.

From 1954 onwards upto 1972, Bhaichand Amoluk worked as a principal agent to National Insurance Company for the various clients of the insurance company. In 1972, Bhaichand Amoluk expanded into the reinsurance broking activities working for large Indian risks through Indian insurance companies and their insurance placements overseas.

It was at this time that the firm decided to diversify it’s activities into the manufacturing sector as well and opened a subsidiary company by the name Chemspec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., which was involved in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals.

The Company Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd ("BACSPL") is flagship Company of Bhaichand Group. BACSPL a private limited company which was incorporated way back in 1997, engaged in the business of Insurance and Reinsurance broker, Insurance consultants, dealing in Shares and Securities and Investment and Finance

The Company has been operating in India as Insurance Consultant and Reinsurance Brokers for Nationalized Insurance Companies and Export Credit & Guarantee Corporation of India for past few decades. BACSPL had been a reinsurance broking representative company operating in India as well as in International market. The company was providing services in retail insurance broking, risk management, insurance consultancy and reinsurance broking both facultative as well as treaty. The company was placing reinsurance both facultative and treaty on behalf of Indian Insurance Companies through international  brokers  including London which is the world’s biggest center for International insurance and reinsurance business. The company is one of the oldest broking houses and is well known in reinsurance in India

The Government of India  liberalized the  Insurance Sector in 2002 permitting both Indian and Foreign Insurance firms to carry out activities as insurance brokers in India. This has opened up new business avenues and created tremendous business opportunity in this field.  Foreign Insurance Companies and Foreign Insurance Brokers have entered into joint ventures with reputed Indian Insurance companies and insurance brokers operating in India.


The Company has varied business interest and has promoted a number of subsidiary companies apart from the above including Chemspec Chemicals Pvt Ltd. (involved in the manufacturing of Pharma and Drug intermediaries), Health India TPA Services Pvt Ltd and Health India Medical Services Pvt LTD (involved in the field of insurance third party administration services).

The company is also engaged in the business of trading in shares and securities on active basis and have future plan to act as Share Sub –Broker and be a registered intermediary of BSE/NSE.

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