Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. (BACSPL)

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Bhaichand Amoluk is a 100 year old firm.

The firm used to be involved in the field of insurance and consultancy services from its inception. In 1911, Bhaichand Amoluk were appointed as principal agents for Commercial Union for the western zone of India upto 1954 when the insurance sector was nationalized and the private insurance companies were merged into the 4 existing public sector insurance companies.

From 1954 onwards upto 1972, Bhaichand Amoluk worked as a principal agent to National Insurance Company for the various clients of the insurance company. In 1972, Bhaichand Amoluk expanded into the reinsurance broking activities working for large Indian risks through Indian insurance companies and their insurance placements overseas.

It was at this time that the firm decided to diversify it’s activities into the manufacturing sector as well and opened a subsidiary company by the name Chemspec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., which was involved in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals.

Bhaichand Amoluk also started holding a subsidiary by the name of Health India TPM Services which provides cashless hospitalization services to policy holders of insurance products.

In 2008 a subsidiary Health India Medical Services was established catering to the wellness and investigation services for the masses and corporate India.

M/s Chemspec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., over the last 20 years has expanded from a specialty chemicals manufacturing company into pharma and drug intermediaries and boasts of reputed clients.

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