Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. (BACSPL)


file:///G:/TEMPLATE%20MONSTER/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/Template.Monster.7184.Business.Online.Flash.Template-SCRiPTMAFiA/st7184fa/Html/images/doth_2.gif Bhaichand Amoluk in 2002 as a part of its drive to grow in the fields that they are involved in, invested in a company called Admin Server based in Philadelphia , which is a back office insurance software company catering to the U.S. market, providing a transacting platform in life insurance and annuity products. This company was subsequently sold to Oracle in 2008 at US$ 125 Million. file:///G:/TEMPLATE%20MONSTER/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/Template.Monster.7184.Business.Online.Flash.Template-SCRiPTMAFiA/st7184fa/Html/images/doth_2.gif

  Currently, the group’s companies include:-

Bhaichand Amoluk Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Health India Medical Services Pvt. Ltd.
Health India TPA Services Pvt Ltd.
Chemspec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.



  file:///G:/TEMPLATE%20MONSTER/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/Template.Monster.7184.Business.Online.Flash.Template-SCRiPTMAFiA/st7184fa/Html/images/doth_2.gifHealth India Medical Services Pvt. Ltd.  

Health India Medical Services Pvt. Ltd is a professionally managed company with its major focus on accurate and authentic delivery of services with a mission of greater customer care.

The Company has two business verticals known as SBU's (i.e.Strategic Business Units):

A) Health India Medical Services

The SBU's main line of business include :

1. Investigation Services related to Insurance Claims (Life, General and Health Insurance Companies).

2. Risk Assessment Services / Pre Policy Medical assessment.

Company presently have business start-up with Renowned Indian Insurance Players and looking forward for a promising endeavor.

Company’s operations have been undertaken through our 40 locations across India, covering almost all State Capitals and 1 office in Dubai. The organization is having a managed relation with a phenomenal Preferred Network of Service Providers in the field of health care services as its back bone of providing quality and reliable services. Know More

B) Exult IT Infrastructure & Services

Exult IT Infrastructure & Services offers a portfolio of services which covers all aspects of IT infrastructure to provide end-to-end solutions focused on your business needs. From managed IT services to security solutions and a range of flexible delivery options that are designed to achieve new levels of efficiency. The result is improved service quality, productivity and end-user satisfaction. Exult provides, services with automation and analytics to deliver a new approach to your IT operations.

Exult offers a unique bouquet of services, ranging from system integration to data center hosting, infrastructure management and software services. Its comprehensive service portfolio acts as a single window Solution Provider for different service requirements.

Exult services includes Managed Network Services, Managed RF Services, Video Conferencing Services, Managed Security Services, Data Center Services, Document Management System, & Software as a Service. Exult works closely with their clients and deliver customized solution according to client specific needs. Know More









file:///G:/TEMPLATE%20MONSTER/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/Template.Monster.7184.Business.Online.Flash.Template-SCRiPTMAFiA/st7184fa/Html/images/doth_2.gifHealth India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd.

Health India TPA Services provides benefits to the insured by quick cashless hospitalization and faster reimbursed mediclaim settlement, hence we are utterly concerned about our clients to provide all comforts in health care services and the Insurance Company gets benefits by reduction in their administrative costs, fraudulent claims and ultimately bringing down the claim ratios. Know more


file:///G:/TEMPLATE%20MONSTER/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/10%20Website%20Template%20Monster%20Templates%20(6992-7402)/Template.Monster.7184.Business.Online.Flash.Template-SCRiPTMAFiA/st7184fa/Html/images/doth_2.gif Chemspec Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Chemspec Chemicals is the acknowledged leader in manufacturing of various bulk drugs intermediates and Personal Care ingredients.

Today Chemspec has established a strong domestic and international presence as one of the preferred suppliers of Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals for Bulk Drug Companies and Personal care industries having an impressive list of customers in domestic market and globally as well.
Know more

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